Beyond money, another thing that attracts gold diggers to a relationship is the physical assets of their partners. _The love in this relationship is built on the property and not the personality_.

The main force of attraction here is the houses, cars, stores, companies / businesses, yachts, warehouses and other assets

 The purpose of gold diggers in this case is how they can become co-owners or sole owners of these properties. They are interested in how to  have these properties in their name and influence their partners to acquire more for them and their families.

_To the gold digger in such a relationship, the partner is not a SPOUSE but rather a SPONSOR_

Some gold diggers desire to escape the life of obscurity by parasites from a partner with fame or popularity.

There is nothing wrong in being a relationship with a popular person, but you are a gold diggerΒ  if your main purpose in the relationship is to gain fame by sulking it out of your partner

 This is why some people   try ways and means to date celebrities, stars and famous people only to get the fame rub on them.

Today there is a craze for popularity. It is a shock how some ladies are going nude, twerking and engaging in other bodily exposure for cheap popularity on social media. While there are men and women who sit behind their camera and post allegations, insults and propaganda just to be famous through social media recognition.

It is this same craze for fame and popularity that has led some people into entangling themselves into relationships just to dig out fame and stardom.

There are also gold diggers who enter relationships seeking for marriage just because of a particular “surname”.

Whereas some gold digging men wants to marry into the home of a certain “surname”, some ladies also seeks to marry so that they can inherit a certain “surname” and enjoy all the benefits that comes with being associated with that name.

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