The Strategies to effective learning in the University

I have been confronted severally by first year students as to how to learn effectively here in the University, specifically University of Education, Winneba. Indeed, it is normal to be so curious about how things happen or how people actually learn because you see a lot of people ‘gallivanting’ around as if they are here to seek amusement and go away. In fact the University is a discourse community made up of all kinds of ‘homo-sapiens’. Some are nocturnal beings while others are ‘diurnal’. It means some function effectively in the night while others do well in the day time. You need to identify which of the two you are.

It is fascinating how activities churn out here in the University of Education, Winneba. It is quite revealing that time has always been a factor of concern for most first year students as how to manage it. This is always true because it is not common for people to adapt to new systems especially the University system and more importantly this new hybrid system.

To cut all short, this are a few advise that I can offer which when followed properly, you will succeed

  1. let’s do a few mathematics here, as first year mathematics student who offers seven courses and in the new hybrid system, 2 * 7 = 14 hours of physical lectures and 1 * 7 = 7 hours of online lectures giving you a total of 21 hours of lectures for the week. Also we have a total of 5 hours for prayers giving us a new total of hours 26, washing and cooking for 3 * 7 + 5 giving us another 26 hours and probably a buffer period of 8hours for extra activities giving us a total of 60 hours for compulsory activities. Out of a total of 24 * 7 = 144 hours. Another thing to consider is sleep which is 6hours per day for a student making a total of 42 hours for sleep added to 60hours giving us a total of 102 hours and a free period
  2. Using the free period left: Form an effective study group. Do not just let anyone to be in your study group as some of them come there to do chatting and noise making or phone calls. Get at least one good student and another one who has composer and can dispose or ban some members from attending meetings if they are found with behaviours that do not conform with the ethics of the group. Strike out a set of rules for your study group. I remember when I initially requested for serious people to form a study group and non came but after the semester results were published every one wants to be in my study group.
  3. It is important to acknowledge that you cannot learn all alone and that colleagues have materials of which may be beneficial and so you need people to discuss regarding all that is going on in the school. There are some courses that may be very difficult to understand as a first year student especially the educational courses. It is normal to face challenges as the language or the diction is not always familiar with fresh S H S graduates. Kindly get at least one trained teacher in your study group who will always help in explaining some of the concepts for your understanding.
  4. To find out more, kindly leave a comment in the comments box or send me a text message or watsApp message through 233028022754

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