Team ‘Honorable B3y3′ Gladdens Students’ Hearts At Ndoum School Of Business

Honorable B3Y3

Mr. Alhassan Faharudeen, a Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC) presidential aspirant at the Casely Hayford Hall in the University of Cape Coast (UCC) and his Team, “Team Honorable B3y3,” have taken a commendable step as they organized Communicative Skills Tutorials for fresh students of UCC at the Ndoum School of Business and Technology.

Team Honorable B3y3 at Ndoum School of Business

Communicative Skills is said by lots of university students and graduates to be one of the most difficult and confusing courses taught in the university.

Due to the intricacy and confusing nature of the course, many first-year students who are unable to comprehend very well what their lecturers teach them end up performing poorly in the course.

Team Honourable B3y3, knowing very well the challenges most first students encounter in Communicative Skills, have taken it upon themselves to organize tutorials at the above-named school to help boost the fresh years’ passion for the course and also to ensure that they perform marvellously in quizzes and exams.

Seeking to discard completely the great magnitude of fear the fresh students have for the course probably because of the “I can’t do well in this course. It is difficult” notion they hold, the Casely Hayford hall JCRC presidential aspirant’s team member answered brilliantly to the best of his ability, every question the fresh students posed aiming at making Communicative Skills a very interesting course to them.

“Thanks to ‘Team Honourable B3y3,’ summary and outlining in Communicative Skills are no longer my headache,” a student reveals.

Out of gratitude and joy, the fresh students collectively urge all affiliates of the Casely Hayford Hall of residence to rally behind what they call ‘the competent team’ and give them their massive votes come Monday, February 8, 2021, in order for them to contribute immensely towards the betterment of the hall.

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