Photo of the day! Is this Fashion Or Madness???

Some of the things happening in our modern days probably reminds us of the things being said in the Holy Books which are indicating the end time. A lot of things which are not suppose to happen are now happening in our modern days which we can’t even know how to explain.

Especially on social media, people are doing all sorts of things, posting their half naked pictures, doing all sorts of funny stuffs and all that aiming to gain popularity at the end. This makes the youth sometimes engage themselves in some bad activities on social media which I think is not helping us from any angle in our lives.

Photos of a young man that is trending online today seem to get the attention of people who came across on social media and they can’t scroll over without reacting on the photo. This young man sees nothing like shame as he posts photo of himself wearing this thing he call fashion. The picture he posted has got a lot of people reacting with abusive and funny words on his picture.

Do we really see this as fashion? Although we all have our choices of how to do things we like in life.

What do you think?

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