After dumping the guy who took care of her from Jhs to University, the pretty university graduate gets mad and goes naked [WATCH VIDEO NOW]

Ladies should be careful that the men they use waste their money as ‘mugu’ and leave them for another. Some guys really take this seriously and deal with girls like that.

A new university lady goes crazy in a viral video seen online because she dumps the guy who wanted to marry her after graduation.

The lady was seen nak3d on the street in the video and you might say this madness is really new.

Since the man’s aim was to marry her after university, he took the lady’s duties like a father, paying her college fees from jhs.

After the lady successfully graduated from the university, she felt the man was not hʒr her type and decided to shun him for a younger guy.

It is obvious that anger and broken heart made this man did this to the bʒautiful girl.

Watchout for thʒ video

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