19-year-old girl cut the throat of her newly born child

A 19-year-old girl has savagely cut the throat of her day-old child and unloaded the body in a cocoa ranch at Atenrom, a town close to Akyem Etwereso in the Eastern Region.

The suspect, whose name was given as Patience, also called Mummie, self-conveyed an infant kid last Friday sunrise yet guaranteed a few pieces of it resembled a creature.

The suspect, as per an observer, Nana Owusu, brought the infant into a close by shrub and sliced the infant’s throat with a kitchen blade.

Mr Owusu said Patience, who as of now has a five-year-old youngster, is accepted to be experiencing gloom. As per him, the teen left the town to remain in Accra where she got pregnant and as of late got back to her town in the Akyemansa District.

The teen, the observer said, would not reveal the whereabouts of the infant after a few requests by her uncle and elderly folks of the town. Her refusal constrained the young people of the local area to mount a pursuit and following a few hours the dormant body of the infant enclosed by a sack was found in a cocoa ranch.

The suspect has since been captured by the Akyem Ofoase District Police to aid the examinations. Then, the body of the infant has been kept at the Oda Government Hospital mortuary.

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