Mahama’s Lawyer makes case for video evidence of events in EC’s strong room

Lead Counsel for the solicitors in the progressing political decision appeal hearing, Tsatsu Tsikata, is presenting a defense for video chronicles of happenings in the solid room of the first Respondent, the Electoral Commission (EC) during a year ago’s races, to be played in court to help the observer articulation of Mr Rojo Mettle Nunoo, one of the applicant’ witnesses.

Tsatsu protested a move by attorney for the second Respondent, Akoto Ampaw, to get passage five of the observer articulation tossed out. Mr Ampaw needed that part excused on the heels that it was not borne out of pleadings.

Section 5 of Mr Nunoo’s assertion said: “The EC had a video narrative individual account the occasions in the solid room and I have almost certainly that if that narrative is made accessible in its legitimate variant it will affirm what I am saying in this observer explanation about things that happened in the solid room.”

Mr Tsiktata told the court that “Second observer said there was someone taking video editorials. That proof was not protested, that proof is before you and we are deferentially presenting that what is expressed in Paragraph 5 is the same as what is as of now before you about the video narrative.

“All that this observer is adding is that he will risk his believability so that in the event that anyone needs to have plan of action to the video they are qualified for.

“Contingent upon the interrogation we may without a doubt precede you with an application that that video ought to be delivered in court and played.”

Mr. Robert Joseph Mettle Nunoo had said in his observer articulation that the Chair of the Electoral Commission (EC), Jean Mensa disclosed to him that, all the worries he had brought up in the solid room against the examination of the official outcomes were certified.

He added that Mrs Mensa revealed to him those worries would have been tended to.

“My associate, Dr Michael Kpessa-Whyte, and, I on numerous events called attention to mistakes in the figures and words on the sheets that were acquired which eventually influenced sums and relegated results. This occasionally prompted EC authorities settling on telephone decisions based on which they tried to clarify and address a portion of the things we brought up.

“I can’t advise to whom those calls were made. I can’t advise if the calls were to EC authorities to some others who were likewise associated with the resemblance interaction. There was no straightforward cycle in such manner.

“At a point, I went to the workplace of the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission on eighth December 2020, I needed to draw out into the open that what was happening in the solid room couldn’t prompt an assertion of the outcomes by the day’s end, as she had guaranteed the country. She really advised me, accordingly, that the worries I had raised were real and she would have them investigated.”

“Mrs. Jean Mensa educated me that there had been a gathering held before in the day between the Petitioner and the Peace Council, something I was ignorant of at that point.

“After I further caused her to notice a portion of the issues that were coming up in the communications in the solid room, she said straightforwardly that we should proceed to talk with the Petitioner. Having respect to her previous reference to the gathering between the Peace Council and the Petitioner, which she had clearly been informed about, I paid attention to what she said.

“I don’t think we, who were going about as specialists of the Petitioner, ought to be viewed as taking positions which many be in opposition to what the Petitioner himself and had passed on in a gathering that I was ignorant of with a body, for example, the Peace Council which, I know has a significant job in settling questions regarding decisions and quieting strains in the country.

“She demonstrated her own ability to meet with the Petitioner.”

As to or not the chairperson of the first Respondent, Jean Mensa asked him and Dr Michael Kpessa-Whyte to leave the solid room, he said “Yet my associate and I understood with a stun, on our arriving at the home of the Petitioner that the EC Chairperson was currently reporting results. Endeavors I made to arrive at the Chairperson of the EC by phone for explanation demonstrated useless as she had killed her telephones.”

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