Champions league; change in trend of Bayern Munich extirpation of other clubs

The Champions League, one of the most viewed leagues in the world is an annual club football competition organized by the union of European football association (UEFA), and it is contested by top division European clubs. The current champions of the UEFA for the 6th time is FC Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich has been to the Champions League final for more than 10 times, it is known to be a very strong football club, and it is said to be the most successful club in Germany.
A back-to-back win is predicted for Bayern Munich in the UEFA by some analysts, but other analysts predict a club is coming up to shock the whole world precisely an English football club. In recent times, the Manchester United club has really gamed up alongside Tottenham and Liverpool. It is predicted by analysts that’s if there are any English football clubs that would end the Bayern Munich extirpation it would either be Manchester United, Tottenham or Liverpool.

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