AS UCC Student, Dis Be Wat U 4 Take Come School


Every bro know say if ebi stressing students arrh, UCC be number one.

U tinop arrh, de walking u go walk 4 UCC no be small tin. De walking u go fit walk one day from one lecture hall to de other go fit cover de distance between Nsawam to Kumasi.  UCC go fit toss u from Oโ€™library (Old site) to NLT den from NLT to CRT den maybe after dah lecture dem go say โ€œoh e chill mek we live am like dat 4 anoda day.โ€

If u no mek lucky too de lecturer wey he no fit meet u de previous day go say mek u meet 4 Shatta Wale. U sanso go trek dat dusty road go.

So UCC lectures be walking up and down saaa till your stamina cam mek big pass Michael Essien en own sef.

What chaw meners no know be say UCC no be school wey dey love fineboys3m. If u dey cam UCC arrh, e check like u dey cam war zone. So u 4 prepare den carry your weapons all come.

UCC no be school u 4 carry expensive sneakers cam show off. De walking u go walk plus de sneakers nu, e go over u.

De type of footwear wey UCC dey hiaa be lorry tyre footwaer sekof de plenty walkings nu.

Last, FaroukMedai spy some boy wey, if e walk small arrh, he go use en hand clean clean en sneakers. UCC he dey cam do dah tin? De stress dem go stress arrh, e go over am. He go forget say sneakers sef dey hiaa cleaning.

FaroukMedia dey flow u once again say de lorry tyre footwear be very necessary 4 UCC sekof FaroukMedia see one boy wey UCC toss am from one lecture hall to de other arrrrrhhhh till en shoe blast like atomic bomb.

UCC student en shoe explode sekof over-walking

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