A release signed by Bampil Badeabo Moses, Press Secretary of DANJUAR 2021 Planning Committee reveals that the committee in consultation with chiefs, elders and other stakeholders, has decided to suspend the GRAND DURBAR of 2021 DANJUAR FESTIVAL in respect of the President’s recent update on the COVID-19 situation in Ghana, and the directives on social gatherings and conferences.

The DANJUAR Festival is celebrated annually by the Bimoba people and was scheduled to take place on February 27, 2021 at Kpikpira in the Tempane District.

The Planning Committee, by the release, seeks to inform concerned people that all traditional sacrifices which form the very core and spiritual component of the DANJUAR festival have been done accordingly by the families and elders responsible.

According to the release, the decision taken by the Planning Committee in consultation with chiefs and elders to suspend what they call GRAND CELEBRATION is to ensure that as good and law abiding citizens as the Bimoba people are, adhere strictly to the President’s directive.

The decision is also said to be geared towards protecting the health, safety of the Bimoba people, and the general public.

Although DANJUAR has been suspended in order not to put the lives of people at risk due to the pandemic, the Planning Committee according to the release, is hopeful that DANJUAR which is themed, “MANAGING THE THREAT OF A PANDEMIC AGAINST OUR CULTURAL HERITAGE: THE ROLE OF TRADITIONAL FESTIVALS,” will find expression in several fora such as research in academia, public lectures, and many other media whenever possible within the year.

To ensure that the Bimoba culture is adequately documented, the release also encourages and calls on Bimoba youth to take interest in researching extensively in the Bimoba culture in order to uncover the cloistered aspects of the tradition of the Bimoba people for preservation.

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