Salary Of Ministers In Ghana

Details Of Salary Of Ministers In Ghana

In Ghana, some ministers are also members of parliament for certain constituencies.

This affects their salary as compared to ministers who are only ministers and not MPs. Find below the salary of Ministers in Ghana.

Cabinet Minister (MP) – GH¢16,423

Cabinet Minster (Non MP) – GH¢ 16,195

Minister of State (MP) – GH¢ 15,967

Minister of State (Non MP) – GH¢ 15,739

Regional Minister (MP) – GH¢ 15,967

Regional Minister (Non-MP) – GH¢15,511

Deputy Minster (MP) – GH¢ 14,826

Deputy Regional Minister (MP) – GH¢14,598

Deputy Minister (Non-MP) – GH¢ 14,369

Dep. Regional Minster (Non-MP) – GH¢ 14,142

Chairman, Council of State – GH¢ 14,826

Member, Council of State – GH¢ 13,685

What are the incentives given to minsters in Ghana?

The Ministers receives incentives such as a salon car, free fuel, service men; bodyguards, house helps, etc.

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