Most insane thing human has survived

Carlos Rodriguez is a man without a brain.

This guy was totally normal from birth and nothing on the physical measures was drastically different from his peers. Carlos contacted a bad company as a child and began using alcohol and narcotics. When he was 14 years old, the disaster that changed his life took place. Being in a state of intoxication with alcohol and narcotics, Carlos stole a car and got into an accident.

The teenager shot through the windshield during the crash and hit his head on the asphalt. Doctors managed to save his life, but it was important to extract a large fragment of the skull and the brain.

A noteworthy reality is that the patient who had lost half of the brain did not improve at all during all procedures and recovery times. All the memories and mental skills were preserved by him.

Despite the fact that Carlos Rodriguez is a “man without a brain” (he shows the picture clearly in the article), he continues to smile, to endorse discussions on different subjects, to address the questions asked quickly and appropriately. There is no precise reason for scientists today as to how one can survive without the brain and maintain most of the mental functions.

A common theory in the scientific community is that the typical organ of thought partially replaces the nerve endings in the abdominal part.

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