We think differently.

Separating the mortal body down, we have the fertile brain which contains the mind. The mind analyses things and select what we desire. Many people don’t comprehend how we desire things. The mind admires and forwards it to the heart. The analyses of the conscious mind are our thoughts. The analyses of the mind are our thoughts. Being a human is a blessing which Allah will question you about on judgment day. Your physical, genetically and mental make-up is unique. Making all humans different.

We think differently. But mostly, people seem to have interesting thoughts. Your thought and how you analyze issues are different from mine. When people don’t understand anything, they call it names. I’m advising you today you are not messy but different. What differentiate a successful person from any human is how they do things. Successful people do things differently but not different things. Even a rose in the weed doesn’t know how beautiful it is because it’s dissimilar among the weeds. It’s just its mindset that might set it free. Be strong to have a mind to set you free.

Don’t compare your love life. Humans are different. The way you handle love shouldn’t be constant. For some people, giving them a call every day is enough to notify them how much you care. But for others, they demand an effort as high as mountain Afajato. Being in many unsuccessful relationships should teach you how humans vary but not how all men and women are trash. Some people grow old with their partners. Not because they are ideal but they accepted each other knowing each other’s flaws. Be brave to do that because that’s the noblest sacrifice in a relationship.

Religion is an idea. Ideas are thoughts that differ from person to person. Don’t let it separate us. The way we think is different, but we are all humans. When it comes to religion, it’s a way of life you choose to live. Why hate a person because of his or her religion. In humanity we are one and let no external force divide us.

Political parties are same opinions. Be you and choose what suits your personality. Don’t fight. Always let love led. No matter the party you are, no party is worth sacrificing a family for.

I am me and think differently.

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