‘Aisha Modi has met her meeter’ – Social media respond to Shatta Wale-Aisha Modi quarrel

Following the back and forth that resulted between artist Shatta Wale and Aisha Modi which was portrayed with coarse speech on Instagram, social media has responded.

Large numbers of these social media users are either fanatics of Shatta Wale who are hailing him for destroying Aisha Modi or neutrals who are simply appreciating the brutality.

Recently, Shatta Wale went on Instagram live session to address some personal issues he has with Aisha Modi and some serious allegations that have been leveled against him and fuelled by a similar individual.

The SM Boss, as we probably are aware him, sent a solid message to Aisha Modi and took steps to pound her.

He likewise utilized similar medium to clear some allegations.

No sooner had Shatta Wale finished with his yelling than Aisha Modi additionally went live on Instagram. She added more fuel to the fire and sent some solid open words to Shatta Wale.

This fight or better still a virtual articulation of ill will towards one another by Shatta Wale and Aisha Modi has got many chatting on social media.

For some, Shatta Wale should move away from battling individuals while to others, Aisha Modi deserves all the heat from Shatta Wale.

Check out some of the pictures below:

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