INCREDIBLE VIDEO: Woman Gives Birth In Her Grave After Being Buried For 4 Months||Watch||

It is a proven evidence that when a mother dies when pregnant, the unborn baby dies along with the mother, or the babies are taken out and placed in an incubator relying on the situation.

A shocking, strange and unhappy newsletter has it that a lady who has been buried for about four months ago has just given birth in her grave.

It was compiled that the lady at the time of her burial was pregnant with the baby in her belly also declared dead.

According to reports, a cry of a baby was heard by residents in the area who have been using the road where the lady was buried.

Upon delineation the sound the residents realized it was coming from the grave of the woman. They then decided to dig up the grave but to their surprise, they found out that the lady had given birth in the grave.

The video šŸ‘‡

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