Supreme Court alerts Akufo-Addo’s lawyer for ‘misconduct’

One of the lawyers for the second Respondent Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in the progressing 2020 Presidential Election Petition at the Supreme Court, Frank Davies, has been forewarned not to give media interviews on the issues forthcoming under the watchful eye of the court as a partaking lawyer.

The Chief Justice Kwasi Anin Yeboah, Monday, February 1, preceding the initiation of procedures called the lawyer out in open court and cautioned him to halt from such lead.

As per the court, his direct abuses the standards of the court set out in Rule 38 of LI 2423.

Rule 38 of LI 2423 states that; “A lawyer who is partaking or has taken part in the examination or case of an issue that is as yet forthcoming under the steady gaze of a court will not make an out of court proclamation or award a meeting to the media on the issue.”

Lawyer Frank Davies had allowed a meeting to the media after Friday’s sitting, this the Chief Justice says ought not occur once more.

The Chief Justice further asked non-partaking lawyers and spokespersons for the different gatherings to the case to take care of their hairpieces and outfits prior to conceding media interviews.

In the beginning of the sitting, the court cautioned previous Deputy Attorney General and Member of Parliament for Bolgatanga East, Dominic Ayine, for talking in court.

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