Sista Afia’s jutting boobs cause stir on social media

Performer Sista Afia has paraded her breasts on social media to impart how ‘jeje’ she is and true to form, adherents can’t disregard the scandalous photo.

The vocalist, who has cut a specialty for herself as one of Ghana’s most blazing female artistes as of late and one of only a handful rare sorts of people who won’t spare a moment to show their treats on social media, could be found in an ocean blue top with her legs crossed in this most recent photograph.

The exceptionally altered piece catches Sista Afia sitting upstanding with her breasts fiercely uncovered, leaving little to the creative mind of the watcher.

With a straight face, she puts her correct hand on the seat she’s situated on while the left unwinds on her lap.

“New month same Sauce,” the inscription peruses.

A couple of years prior, Sista Afia was condemned for reliably making a display of herself by exhibiting her boobs rather than her music.

“I simply don’t get why individuals appear to have issues with what I wear and my boobs,” she reacted to the worries. “Individuals continue to inquire as to whether separated from my boobs, I have nothing else to show. For the records, my boobs are not my selling point, not in any way. I’m exceptionally capable.

“I don’t get up in the first part of the day and advise myself, ‘today, I need to show my boobs’, no, it relies upon how I feel. My boobs, my ability, and everything structures part of the bundle,’ she said in a meeting with Showbiz.

“I’m extremely glad for my breasts. They are lovely and decent. Most young ladies of today are all over searching for approaches to upgrade their bust falsely and on the off chance that I am honored with them normally, for what reason should I be embarrassed about them. Truly, I am honored I should say and I won’t exchange them for anything.

“Indeed, I can’t take care of the size of my boobs and how they hang out in garments. I simply need to cherish them and that is the thing that I am doing. I don’t actually mind anyone’s opinion. So the individuals who have been discussing them, I can’t help you,” she added.

To be sure, the artist really wanted to parade it once more.

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