Man blasts Diana Asamoah for supporting Joyce Blessing

Man blasts Diana Asamoah for supporting Joyce Blessing

One man by name Obofo Michael has come out to blast Diana Asamoah who is one great musician in Ghana for supporting Joyce Blessing and speaking against Cecilia Marfo.

Diana Asamoah said something that Cecilia Marfo is operating with a familiar spirit, meaning the spirit she is using is not from God. This came up when Cecilia Marfo once snatched microphone from Joyce Blessing and told her to go back to her husband when she was ministering.

Many people are rallying behind her but others too are saying that Diana Asamoah is not married so she shouldn’t involve herself in things concerning people’s marriages.

He said Diana Asamoah should have advised Joyce Blessing to go back to her husband and maintain her marriage. She shouldn’t have supported her for divorcing her husband.

Obofo Michael says he is really disappointed in Diana Asamoah because she claims to be an evangelist who preaches the gospel but now she has become proud and is now deviating from her call.

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