FULL TEXT: Akufo-Addo’s 23rd address to the nation on measures to battle coronavirus

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo addressed the nation for the 23rd time on the measures his administration has taken to battle the spread of the novel COVID-19 among Ghanaians.

In his address, the President announced restrictions on funerals, weddings, concerts, theatrical performances, and parties until further notification.

“Until further notification, funerals, weddings, concerts, theatrical performances, and parties are prohibited. Private burial, should not be more than (25) individuals, can occur, with the implementation of the social distancing, cleanliness and mask wearing protocols,” Akufo-Addo said.

Fellow Ghanaians, good evening.

I came into your homes, on seventeenth January, to give a record of our COVID-19 situation – a situation which, per accessible information at that point, was very bad.

To this end, I spoke to you, my kindred Ghanaians, to help contain the spread of the infection by regarding the protocols Government had set up.

The expectation was that we would start to see an improvement for our situation tally, thus. Fourteen days on from that address, the situation is surprisingly getting more worse.

As of Friday, 29th January, (64) additional individuals have, tragically, passed on, throughout the most recent fourteen days, bringing the total number of confirmed deaths to 400 and sixteen (416). Our hospitalization rates are expanding, with the number of basically and seriously sick persons now at one hundred and seventy-two (172).

Our hospital have gotten full, and we have needed to reactivate our isolation centers. Our normal day by day paces of infection presently stand at (700), contrasted with (200) fourteen days back.

The total number of active cases has dramatically increased, from somewhat more than one thousand, nine hundred (1,900), fourteen days prior, to give thousand,three hundred and fifty-eight (5,358) at present.

At the point when I conveyed Update No. 22, thirteen (13) out of the sixteen (16) regions had recorded active cases; today, each of the sixteen (16) regions have active cases.

Surely, Greater Accra, Central, Western, Ashanti, Eastern, Upper East, Upper West, Volta, and Northern Regions are the hardest hit, representing 94 percent (94%) of the total number of active cases.

As a result, fellow Ghanaians, we have a ton of work to do in grasping the infection. Given that new examinations show that the UK and other new variations are being sent within the population, we should all understand that our present situation could get exceptionally desperate if care is not taken, both on the piece of Government and by you, the populace, to help contain the infection.

The examination continues to reveal to us that the spread of the infection generally happens in indoor, confined spaces with poor ventilation, where individuals are talking, singing, or shouting without their masks.

The imposition of restrictions on our day to day schedules helped in decreased the predominance of the pandemic in the country, and Government has been left with no option except to once again introduce a portion of these restrictions to help save the situation.

I know these measures, in the recent past, were unfavourable, yet, over a period, they brought about a great situation for our country. We need to re-visit them.

In this way, fellow Ghanaians, until further notification, funerals, weddings, concerts, theatrical performances, and parties are prohibited. Private burial, should not contain more than (25) individuals, can happen, with the authorization of the social distancing, cleanliness and wearing of the mask protocols.

Beaches, night clubs, cinemas, and bars continue to be closed. Our boundaries via land and ocean stay shut.

All working places, public and private, should utilize a shift- system for laborers, in addition to the utilization of virtual stages for business or work. Conferences and workshopscan happen with all the proper protocols. Be that as it may, I support the utilization of virtual platform for such commitment.

Restaurant ought to offer take away types of service to you and, and ought to, however much as could reasonably be expected, evade situated administrations. The National Sports Authority and the Ghana Football Association ought to guarantee consistence with the 25 percent (25%) limit rule in our stadia, with spectators regarding the social removing rule and wearing of masks.

To the adored heads of our religious organization, for example our churches and mosques, I entreat you to authorize, strictly, the protocols identifying with participation, for example the two-hour duration, one-meter social removing, veil wearing, utilization of sanitizers, and the presence of veronica pails, fluid cleanser, and moves of tissue paper.

I note that, since the re-opening of our schools, fourteen days prior, we have seen only couple of reports of cases amongst students. I appeal to class teachers and educators to uphold the rules given by the Ghana Education Service, and I encourage the Ghana Health Service to continue their observation at the schools, so we can contain any detailed cases.

As we venture up government funded education and authorization of the protocols on open gatherings, let me additionally express that regulatory organizations will embrace random checks to guarantee conformity with these principles, and the security administrations will be entrusted to uphold them.

You don’t need to be captured by the Police before you wear your veil, your working environment ought not be shut for non-conformity with the protocols, if there is no pressing reason for you to be outside, if it’s not too much trouble stay at home.

Every single one of us can assist with containing the spread in the event that we continue to rehearse the measures of social separating, washing our hands with cleanser under running water, forgoing shaking hands, and, wearing our veils at whatever point we leave our homes. These measures should be regarded by all.

I encourage you, my kindred Ghanaians, to continue to focus on your wellbeing, improve your wellness levels, and eat our nearby nourishments that support your insusceptibility. Should you anytime feel unwell, or display the most common symptoms of COVID-19, for example, fever, dry hack, sleepiness, kindly report to the closest wellbeing office and get tried.

Coronavirus tests are free for all Ghanaians at general wellbeing institutions. In the event that a Ghanaian resident returns a positive outcome, the expense of care at isolation and treatment focuses will be borne by Government.

At the 58th Summit of the Authority of ECOWAS Heads of State and Government, held for all intents and purposes, it was concurred that the expense of the COVID test for in-bound ECOWAS nationals be fixed at fifty United States dollars ($50) at the Kotoka International Airport.

The expense of the test for non-ECOWAS nationals actually stays one hundred and fifty ($150) dollars. ECOWAS nationals and voyagers, who test positive, will bear the expense of the mandatory isolation and treatment.

Ghanaian nationals, in any case, who test positive, upon their appearance into the nation, will have their isolation and treatment costs borne by the State.

Individual Ghanaians, in Update No. 21, I demonstrated that Ghana is set to get her first consignment of the COVID immunizations inside the primary portion of this current year. From that point forward, a great deal of work has been done towards the realization of this. Our point is to inoculate the whole population, with an underlying objective of twenty million individuals.

Through respective and multilateral methods, we are confident that, before the finish of June, a total of seventeen million, 600,000 (17.6 million) immunization dosages would have been acquired for the Ghanaian public. The most punctual immunization will be in the country by March.

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) will utilize its set up cycles for conceding crisis use-authorization for every immunization in Ghana. As President of the Republic, I guarantee you that only immunizations that have been assessed and proclaimed as safe-for-use in Ghana will be directed.

Government will continue to monitor our COVID-19 situation, and will remain resolvedin guaranteeing that we can get back to typical day by day schedules. I stay cheerful that if every single one of us accepts completely the wellbeing protocols, and we continue to place our confidence in the Almighty, we will arise strongly from this pandemic.

My confidence in God reveals to me that this too will pass! For the Battle is the Lords!!

May God bless us all, and our homeland Ghana, and make her great and strong.

I thank you for your attention.

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