20 Times Anita Akua Akuffo Shows Us That She Got ‘Swag’ With Her Best Pose Ever

She is a journalist at Media General, TV3 who serves as inspiration and role model to many people due to her talent and fluency. She is Co- host for Ghana Most Beautiful 2020 and passionate about what she does. Anita Akua Akuffo fashion sense is unique as she causes stir online mostly with her amazing outfit and pose.

She is miss Malaika 2014 winner and Ambassador for GTP fashion. Her decency and simplicity has gain her a lot of fans on social media. She host Date rush and the Ladies circle on TV3, these programs educate and entertain the public.

Anita is not married yet, although there were rumours about her dating musician Kidi but she has come to clear the air about how untrue it is. She is always smiling to the camera with the best post ever. Check these photos out

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