10 Major Reasons Why University Students Fail Exams. CONTINUE READING…

The utmost desire of every student is to be successful from the beginning of his schooling days till the end when he or she will graduate with flying colours.

Unfortunately, while in the strive for academic excellence, there are things students do that cause them their desired success and this article will help reveals such. Check them out:

1. Laziness

Some students desire success a lot but laziness will not allow them hence, it has become the reason why some of them fail exams.

2. Over-Confidence

You will agree with me that some students who pass exams often think that they know everything. This then makes them feel over confident in the subsequent exams and won’t study hard, this of course will make them fail exams.

3. Finance

Some students come from a very poor background that make them unable to purchase some handouts or materials that will aid their success in school. When a student doesn’t eat properly, how can concentrate and study.

4. Procrastination

“I will do it tomorrow, I will do it the day after tomorrow, I will do it next week”. All this procrastination will make a student fail exams.

Why wait till tomorrow when you can do it today?

5. Friends

The company of friends that some students keep in school is enough to make them fail exams. If your friends are lazy, you will certainly be lazy.

6. Poor course or faculty

7. Perceptions

8. Lack of Concentration

9. Tutor Influence

10. Poor reading habits

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