What are Google Dorks and why are they so important?

So, before we get in to the explanation, let me let you in on what this whole article is all about. Have you ever been through the position where you need the answer to something so badly that you type your question into google but all you get are totally different answers? If yes, then this is the article for you.

What are Dorks?

First let’s see what a search engine is, let’s do that with an example, Google is a search engine, that search bar you type your question or anything into and expect answers from, that is the search engine.

                A dork, is something, a criteria or a facilitator, like an instructor that helps you narrow your search results to what you actually want. Because of how effective these google dorks are, some bad people use it for malicious activities, like to get people’s passwords and many other things like some posts you made on your social media accounts even if you don’t follow them or they don’t follow you.

                They can even get to the extent of using these dorks to get your emails and highly classified content, that is if they are professionals at using the dorks.

Today though, we are focusing on some of these dorks, trust me, there are so many of them but the ones that are going to help us, especially us those who get assignments that we have no idea of, we can use them to find the answers.

                Examples of these dorks are as follows;

  • Intitle: (intitle:) What this does is that, it searches for titles of articles or web pages with the words you will provide. For example;
    intitle: pedagogical characteristics, will give this result

So you will see that all the tiles that appear have the words “Pedagogical characteristics”in them

  • Filetype: (filetype:) What this one also does is that, it gives you results for a specific file type. So let’s say you want to search for a document called how to begin with computers, you can do this;

How to begin with computers filetype: pdf
This gives you options for a pdf file, you can use .ppt for powerpoint, .rar for winrar related files and some others.


So you see here also that, every result found on the page has the file type pdf typed close to it to make your search easier.

  • Intext: (Intext:) This also functions like google itself but better. What it does is that it finds a web page with the exact words you put after it, some other people us (allintext:) instead but they use the same properties. For example, let’s say you want to find this definition on the web because you know only a part of it and you want the complete form;

Let’s say you know, loose unconsolidated mineral salts and organic matter, and you want the full definition, you can do this;

Allintext: loose unconsolidated mineral salts and organic matter


You will see that there are some texts under every title that has been bolded, typed deeper, those are from the words we typed after using the dork.

Another example to this is when you have been given an assignment like,

“pedagogical characteristics of social media will be appropriate for this course, in terms of content presentation and skills development?”

You can get the answers by doing this;

Intext: pedagogical characteristics of social media
And you will get the following results


When you tap on it, you will find your answers.                 So basically, Google dorks narrow your search results to what you actually want, they are very effective and totally worthwhile.

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