18 Great Achievements of Alan Kyeremateng Cash [opinion]

Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen or Alan Cash, as popularly called, is a Ghanaian influencer and politician with a lot of accomplishments and achievements both locally and internationally. His name has been mentioned in a lot of functions and important places and occasions.

Here are a list of 20 of the achievements of the honourable Alan Cash.

1. In 1994, Cash was included in a list by the TIME magazine as one of the Hundred (100) Global Leaders for the New Millennium, in the same category as Bill Gates and John F. Kennedy.

2. He is a legitimate member of the famous Council of Governors of the British Executive Service Overseas (BESO) in the UK.

3.  Till 1984, Alan Kyeremateng worked as senior corporate executive with UAC Ghana Ltd, a supplementary of Unilever International, where he served in many managerial positions.

4. In 1990, Kyerematen was responsible for establishing and operating the EMPRETEC Programme in Ghana, and transforming the program from a UN project to an Independent project.

5.Kyerematen attempted the leadership of the Ghana in his political party in 2007, capturing 32.3% of votes cast. 

6. He completed his  Bachelor’s degree in Economics in University of Ghana, Legon.

7. Kyerematen also holds a Law degree, LLB from the Ghana Law School.

8. In the UN Economic Commission for Africa in Adis Ababa, He worked as a trade advisor, Ethiopia.

9. On December 2012, Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematenwas chosenas the WTO Director-General to succeed the current Director-General, Pascal Lamy.

10. He is a leadership and motivational speaker who has attended and spoken at a lot of functions in Ghana and international countries.

11. As a founding member of the His political affiliation, Kyerematen has been a leading pioneer and key strategist of the party since its inception in 1992.

12. Alan Kyerematen was appointed as the Cabinet Minister for the Ministry of Trade and industry.

13. He led the construction of a multimillion-dollar enclave at Tema Free Zone, dedicated to apparel industry for the export market by Ghanaian business owners.

14. Again, he led the establishment of Export Trade Houses, the establishment of a “Furniture City” at Tema Accra.

15. In office as minister he also led the revival of the Oil Palm industry in Ghana, achieving a massive growth in seedlings with supply rising from 250,000 seedlings to 4 million ler year from 2001 to the end of 2004.

16. Under his leadership the non-traditional export sector has grown from $400 million to $800 million in 5 years.

17. He has revived the Ghana salt mining industry in his era.

18. He facilitates the 1D1F project under the Ministry of trade and industry with over 100 industries in the private and public sectors.

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