LEGON: Don’t know how your UG Mail can be accessed? Here are the steps for activating it.

Your University of Ghana mail (ug mail) is very relevant during your stay on campus, as a fresher one.
It gives you access to essential campus knowledge.
As far as relevant information is concerned on campus, it is always updated. You won’t be able to access any campus details without your UG mail.

You see the ug mail on your provisional letter of entry ( Admission letter). is an instance of ug mail.
Follow the steps below to trigger your email:
Please log on to (UG Emails are linked with Gmail)

A new guide that includes a password will be displayed after entering your e-mail address.
Your temporary password to log in as a new one to the UG email is
Ug? Followed by Ug ID number.
When you enter your password, you type “Ug?” plus the “Id Number” that is also included in your letter of provisional acceptance. One example is “Ug?10953665 .

At any time, you can change your password, making sure you enter something you still remember.

Kindly whatsapp +16692536205 if you face any problem activating your UG Mail.

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