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Campus dating has become very common in our various schools especially in the tertiary institutions and even globally.After entering into school especially a tertiary institution, most students engage themselves in dating acts.

They always want to find a companion for themselves as they stay in school for the rest of the years.Others think finding a mate will help you ease workload and refresh the mind for new things.But actually that’s not the case, let’s see 5 reasons why one must stay out of dating.

1.It waste time.

One main reason to avoid campus dating is that it really waste lots of your time.Most of your time will be given to your partner instead of taking your book and learn and going for lectures, you’ll be busy moving with your partner here and there for nothing while your colleagues will be in class learning.

2.Emotional stress.

In relationships, there are always problems and other matter emerging from it.This put so much stress to your mind which could be used for important things rather than wasting your mind always thinking about your partner.

3.Financial Problem.

It’s very common in relationships to see partner sponsoring his or her partner financially.As a result of this, many students waste so much money on their partners instead of buying books and other learning materials.

4.Broken Heart.

This is also very common in relationships.A partner can feel that he or she can’t continue the relationship again and therefore decides to walk out of the relationship.As a result, the other partner too may not be happy with the situation.

5.Unwanted Pregnancy.

And lastly, unwanted pregnancy could also come as a result of dating.Students who lived in hostels always feels that they’re in their own house and bring in their partners and do lot of things and as a result, pregnancy may come destroying your school life.

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