Top 11 Universities that produce Highest Number of Billionaires in the World. CHECK…

The argument as to whether the school one attends plays a key role in wealth creation and acquisition or not holds a high degree of validity, and everything surrounding it will be captured and resolved in this article.Β 

Often times a lot of people opine that most of the world’s wealthiest people are school drop out. But the question is: What’s the actual statistics behind this opinion? Although, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Dell left college to become extremely wealthy, majority of the wealthiest people in the world have at least a bachelor’s degree, confirmed by Wealth-X.

The 2018 Wealth-X Billionaire Census further indicates those people tend to have graduated from the world’s most prestigious universities. 

For instance, Harvard alone has produced 6.8% of the world’s billionaire population, according to 2017 reports. This indicates billionaires who have earned undergraduate degree and master’s degree from Harvard are even more than a combination of those who attended Standford, Yale and MIT. 

Wealth-X emphatically states that: “The social elitism, prestige and fast-track career progression often associated with a private Ivy League Education undoubtedly provides a springboard towards wealth creation and for some high achievers status.” The report further confirms that five of the top seven-ranked billionaire universities are Ivy League Schools.

One interesting thing to note is that although the number of billionaires who graduated from Standford is less than half of that of Harvard, the average net worth of Standford’s billionaire population stands out to be the highest. Well, some argue that this is due to the fact that the location of the school in the heart of the Silicon Valley and its integration with the global tech giants greatly account for that. 

Per the records so far, people who attend elite schools turn out to be rich, so it’s not just about dropping out of school to become wealthy. People who are on top of the world’s billionaire list also invest in their education. Even Bill Gates who is perceived to be a school dropout attended Harvard University for two years before dropping out. 

Also, Carlos Slim Helu, who was the richest person in the world between 2010 and 2013 graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico with a degree in Civil Engineering.

But the bottom line that the best education you could ever have is investing in yourself and future. 

The next part of the article introduces us to the list of top 11 universities in the world and the number of degrees awarded to billionaires of today.

11. University of California, Berkeley

Degrees awarded to today’s billionaires – 25

10. University of Michigan

Degrees awarded to today’s billionaires – 26

9. University of Chicago

Degrees awarded to today’s billionaires – 29

8. University of Southern California

Degrees awarded to today’s billionaires – 29

7. Yale University 

Degrees awarded to today’s billionaires – 31

6. Cornell University

Degrees awarded to today’s billionaires – 35

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Degrees awarded to today’s billionaires – 38

4. Columbia University

Degrees awarded to today’s billionaires – 53

3. University of Pennsylvania 

Degrees awarded to today’s billionaires – 64

2. Standford University

Degrees awarded to today’s billionaires – 74

1. Harvard University

Degrees awarded to today’s billionaires – 188

According to Forbes (2020 report), the number of billionaires in the world amounts to 2,095, and their total net worth is $8 trillion.

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