Imposters! No individual from our council laid wreaths at Rawlings’ funeral – Anlo Chiefs

Secretary to the local funeral planning committee of the Anlo Traditional region, Togbi Kumassah has depicted people who addressed the Anlo State during the late former President’s funeral as fakers.

Approximately two people, clad in black, strolled forward to lay a wreath for the Anlo State, during a wreath-laying function at the funeral of Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings on Wednesday, January 27, 2021.

It was seen that these people may have been designated by Chiefs of the area, to address them at the state occasion.

According to Togbi Kumassah who represents the Anlo Traditional Council clarified that no such people were assigned to represent them. Regardless, he clarified, individuals would just have been assigned, with the endorsement of the Avadada, who is next in order after the King of the Anlo State; the Awomefia, Togbi Sri III.

“I saw it on the TV and couldn’t identify the individual who did that, however to the most amazing aspect my insight, I am the secretary of the local funeral planning committee, I’d have realized that the Avadada had appointed someone to do that for our benefit, which would be extremely unusual.

“So I figure it would be someone you can call an imposter who professes to be a boss,” he said.

Abgotadua Kumassah accepts the move was persuaded by people among the family’s planning committee who needed to maintain a strategic distance from the shame that may have been caused if no agent approached to introduce the wreath.

May God Almighty be pleased with his soul.

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