I made Lil Win a star however he won’t let it be known for the sake of pride – Kwaku Manu courageously tells story

  • Kumawood entertainer, Kwaku Manu, has claimed that he made his partner Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win a star.
  • He said he was the person who found Lil Win and transformed him into what he is today.
  • Manu said for the sake of pride, his partner actor won’t ever concede his claim.
  • The two once in the past old buddies have been battling about who is greater.

Comic entertainer with Kumawood, Kwaku Manu, has strongly asserted that he was the person who found his associate entertainer Lil Win and carried him into the spotlight.

Manu said he met Lil Win numerous years before and in light of the fact that he loved him immediately, he chose to assist him with accomplishing his dreams about turning into a famous actor.

He uncovered that he is exceptionally baffled in Lil Win for concealing this fact from the public every one of these years.

He additionally added that he knows very well that Lil Win will in any case not admit to his disclosure due to pride.

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