Here are 5 memorable occasions Rawlings shown Ghana’s rich culture

President Jerry John Rawlings was normally known as a charismatic individual however something other that has been novel to him was his curious decision for design.

Especially during his eight years as an equitably chosen pioneer, he generally put forth a cognizant attempt to get Ghana on the worldwide guide through what he wore.

In the event that Rawlings wasn’t found in a frock, he most definitely would have wore a three-pieced boubou, or approximately tossed a material behind him, average of his kin from the Volta locale, or, similar to the Ashanti.

He was not a suits individual with not many occasions in his public life that he was spotted wearing one. He would proceed to stay with this design style long in the wake of venturing down as president, till he kicked the bucket in November 2020.

Regardless of whether it was at the General Assembly of the United Nations, or during a significant visit by a United States president, or when he needed to simply go on a state visit to another country, Jerry Rawlings consistently conveyed the way of life of Ghana high up his shoulders, as found in his dressing.

Here are a couple of those minutes that will stand out forever as memorable ones when Rawlings showed Ghana’s rich culture in what he wore, large numbers of which were on global stages.

  1. Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Durban

President Rawlings went to the leader meeting at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Durban, South Africa in the organization of Victor Gbeho, and some other top pecking order of his administration. He wore a white batakari (frock) over a plain white shirt.

  1. Official Visit by President Bill Clinton to Ghana in 1998

The United States president, Bill Clinton, with his better half and different dignitaries, made a historic visit to Ghana in 1998. His visit was essential for a five-country visit by the president.

His visit saw thousands, if not millions, flood the roads of Ghana to get a brief look at the U.S. president. The other African nations Clinton visited were Uganda, South Africa, Botswana, and Senegal.

  1. Queen Elizabeth visits Ghana

Queen Elizabeth, in the organization of Prince Philip and a 45-part regal assignment, visited Ghana in 1999. The appointment later went to South Africa for a Commonwealth heads of state gathering and afterward to adjoining Mozambique for a 15-hour visit.

  1. Rawlings Meets Popstar Singer, Michael Jackson

In 1995, Michael Jackson introduced a gold blade to Ghana’s President, Jerry Rawlings. The blade was a token from Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Al-Saud as an image for “cut[ting] through the divisions that separation individuals.” This equivalent evening, President Rawlings granted the “Jewel of Africa” grant to Michael.

  1. Rawlings at the 53rd UN General Assembly in 1998

President Rawlings went to the 53rd United Nations General Assembly to address the Assembly. It was his second visit to the world body, the first being the 50th-commemoration festivities of the UN despite the fact that he didn’t get the opportunity to address the world body.

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