Dear Tertiary students: How to avoid stress on campus. CONTINUE READING…

Who would have thought that after all the sleepless nights you had after applying to the University, you would still have to deal with the stress of a fresher?
Does it get any easier, we quiz ourselves? But well, it could just get easier if we take these steps into consideration. We won’t have just a less stressful first semester but a fulfilling one as well.

Effective Time management

Every goal is achieved with a plan; a carefully drawn out plan. That’s the very first important “work” to do on campus. Organize your daily activities on paper. These include lecture times, a menu and almost every activity for the semester. Also make time for your social and spiritual life. It’s not all about learning. Know what is next and when, so that you’re always ahead and not taken by surprise. This will help you to make good decisions and sticking to your priorities. Whatever happens, STICK TO THE PLAN (STTP)- it’s always the best plan.
Get a map
Wondering why? Looks silly huh. Well, you’d most definitely like to get to your lecture hall on time and not miss lectures by going the wrong direction. Though it may take a while to get conversant with the terrain, don’t wait till you’re missing. A lot more information is given during orientations and even a tour around campus as well. You’re assured of being more relaxed in a well known place.
Have a mentor
Speak to someone. It’s tough already. Don’t think you have to do this all on your own. And don’t think you’ve had it all figured out. Hear the opinion of others, a mentor or an advisor before you make the final decision – after all is your life. While you’re probably still looking for one, there are course advisors for every course and a counseling center and these bodies can help you in making academic and life choices.
Be part of something/do something
We all want to belong to take away that feeling of not being accepted and being unproductive. Join a book club, debaters or something in line with your career as this would also help you socialize. Make friends and start with your roommates. They’ll always be your first family on campus.
Have a ‘me’ time
Too much of everything is bad stress (Lol). Relax and take a stroll, read a book, watch movies and hung out with friends. You need not just your books but a healthy mind and body for your academic journey. Have a positive mindset and trust the process, God will see you through the end of it all successfully.

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