Another Alleged Son of Rawlings comes from Israel (VIDEO)

Well, when another secret son of former President Jerry John Rawlings emerges in public in the company of Kimathi Rawlings, it seems Ghanaians are certainly going to be on a lifetime trip.

The young man arrived from Israel, according to information collected from DGN, and was received by Kimathi, who accompanied him to the Accra International Conference Center to observe the burial of his father.

The images circulated on social media of this enigmatic son of the late former president show a complete resemblance to the late Rawlings.

His presence follows three people boldly identifying themselves as children of the late former president after three people came out. The first one to show up was Abigail Rawlings, with another woman named as Kate Zanetor Rawlings being the second.

A man named Akwasi Addo George, aged 50, came out confidently telling the general public, like the other suspected children who have a striking resemblance to the late JJ Rawlings, that he was the first son of late J.J Rawlings.

Watch a video of Isreal’s alleged child:

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