Abronye DC Speaks Sense To Young Ladies In Ghana

Kwame Baffoe alias Abronye DC, Bono Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on Net2 TV’s Dialogue program, has advised young ladies who make babies with renowned men in the country and then conceal the true identity of the children in exchange for houses.

According to Abronya while taking former President Rawlings’ alleged daughter as a case study, condemned the act of accepting houses from public figures by ladies who have made children with them out of wedlock just to conceal the actual identity of the kids from the public.

He stated that several incidents of children killing their mothers in Ghana are as a result of cases like this and therefore warned young ladies against that.

“So the advice I’m offering to our sisters is that, if you are a young woman who gave birth with some ‘big men’ in this country and have accepted houses and he is saying he has given you a house so that you don’t come out and say you have a child with him, your children will pull a gun to shoot you someday,” he advised.

While talking about Rawlings’ alleged daughter, he said,

“The slay queens who have given birth with ‘big men,’ accepted houses  and refused to say it, take cues from what has happened to these two.”

“So let me advise the women well. We don’t deny human beings. So those of you who have been hiding your kids, look at what has happened and advised yourselves,” he added.

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