Why Zanetor, Kimathi Rawlings are trending after J.J Rawlings’ burial service

An image of Kimathi Rawlings and his older sister Dr. Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings taken at a grave Black Stars Square during the State burial service of their dad, previous President Jerry John Rawlings, has enlightened online media stages, drawing out the humor in certain people and accordingly evoking giggling from some social media.

In shot were the two who had been joined by incalculable noticeable characters for an entombment administration for Ghana’s longest-serving president who many promote as courageous, magnetic, vivacious, principled, fair, among others.

While it is indistinct which specific second it was, nor is the topic of conversation, Kimathi, the last-conceived, could be seen bowing down to be at a similar level with Zanetor, the firstborn, who was situated upstanding with her legs crossed. With her eyes shut, her hands were mostly plunged in her dressing pack set next to her while Kimathi put one hand behind him and the other near his knee.

This epic picture has amidst distress become an image as a part of general society has given it different subtitles, refering to late happenings in the country.

What makes this post fascinating is the inclusion of Peter Otokunor, Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) – a gathering established by the late Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings.

The nationality card was not forgotten about. Asantes were savaged for continually exchanging the ‘r’ and ‘l’ sounds.

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