This is what Zanetor’s ex disclosed to UK specialists about the Rawlings’

The existence of the Rawlings’ is portrayed by numerous stories. One of them was told by Selassie O’Sullivan-Djentuh, the supposed ex of Dr Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings, the principal little girl of the late Jerry John Rawlings (Rtd.) and Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings.

Selassie who at the time was appreciating a generally excellent relationship with the little girl of the first president of the fourth republic first couple later got into their ‘terrible’ books and things pivoted for him.

He broke his commitment with Zanetor, when he speculated that she was having a mystery relationship with her flying instructor.

In a record to the British Home Office when he was looking for shelter in the United Kingdom, Selassie in a five-page explanation said “My relationship with Zanetor was not drained of issues like in each relationship and I had a lot of tension on me. Her condition for being in the relationship was a marriage which I guaranteed and we traded rings.

“Throughout the late spring of 1998, her siblings educated me concerning Zanetor’s dubious conduct. I was likewise told this by some of her guards. The doubts were affirmed when I discovered she was supposedly engaged with a mystery relationship with her flying instructor. I sent her rings back to her and broke the relationship. She turned out to be severe particularly after all endeavors on her part to accommodate were unfruitful.”

In the midst of a supposed passing danger on his life, Selassie demonstrated he was accused of foolish driving by a public court in Accra on March 5, 1999, after a major truck kicked him off his bike.

“The driver of the vehicle wouldn’t take me to the emergency clinic and drove off. I was saved by an observer who told my friends who thusly informed my mom. I supported a few wounds and was out of commission for more than two months. The Police wouldn’t unveil the character of the driver and the way wherein the case was taken care of gave me justification for doubt.

“At first, the Police guaranteed that the agenda was missing, afterward the specialist trusted in me that it had been called to the Castle, the Office of the President. He said he was just after requests and had been told to be quiet. I was accused of careless driving by a public court on March 5, four months after the mishap without the driver of the truck being charged. They later went on air to declare that I thumped a tipper truck and advised the Police the motorbike had a place with the President. It was a major untruth,” Selassie O’Sullivan-Djentuh described.

On January 15, 2000, Selassie said he was captured by certain troopers sent from the Castle on his approach to one of his mom’s bequest in Accra.

He showed that “upon appearance, I saw that there was a light blue van stopped with two of my mom’s laborers in it and five officers, a portion of the warriors were in uniform. I moved toward the vehicle and enquired from the specialists where they were going. The driver whom I later figured out how to be W.O. Addo, requested me to sit in the van. I enquired where they were taking me […] I was hit a few times by one of the fighters with the knob of his rifle while the others slapped and kicked me to a mash. They hit my head against the van a few times prior to pushing me in. At the point when I was in the van, I heard on the radio that they had got me… “

He proceeded: “I was headed to the Castle, the seat of government. I was hauled out of the van and beaten once more. I was shaved with an old corroded sharp edge and later with a wrecked jug. I was informed that the President had requested my hair to be brought to him. They said the President had additionally requested them to murder me and dump my body in the ocean. I realize that my hair was gathered. I don’t know whether it was really taken to the President.

“I was interrogated regarding my relationship with Zanetor and how frequently I laid down with her. I was thrashed a few times all through my detainment. I was interrogated concerning my insight into the Rawlings’ bequest (their properties and structures) and I revealed to them I knew nothing. The gatekeepers demanded Zanetor disclosed to me certain privileged insights and they needed to realize the amount I knew. W.O. Budu affirmed since my mom had gone on air about my snatching, they couldn’t do what they had arranged however they could pursue me to any country I rush to and polish me off.”

Selassie O’Sullivan-Djentuh kept up that his folks confronted preliminary on three fraudulent allegations of attack and double dealing of a public official and hostile conduct.

He demonstrated that his mom’s 35 houses were annihilated to the ground by the Police who professed to be following requests from above.

“The appointed authority taking care of the case would not tune in to my proof to help my folks’ guard. My sibling Macky couldn’t go to class as a result of dangers he had gotten via telephone just as the remainder of the family. We are largely living in dread.”

Selassie O’Sullivan-Djentuh noticed that he didn’t question that the late President needed him to be slaughtered in view of a dad’s extraordinary love for his girl, he was wronged that their relationship finished suddenly.

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