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The Apex Court on Thursday, January 28 slam into an offer for a stay of procedures recorded by specialists of the applicant, Mr. John Dramani Mahama in the continuous becoming aware of the Elections request case. 

Specialists of Mr. Mahama had documented an offer at the Apex Court asking the zenith court to hang on with the knowledge about the appeal.Β 

This follows an offer for an examination after the Apex Court excused a movement by the applicants that was looking to ask the Electoral Commission (EC) to address some key inquiries. 

Mr. Mahama needed the Commission’s Chair Jean Mensa to concede, in addition to other things, that the figures and rates she declared come to 100.3% rather than 100%. 

The official up-and-comer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) additionally needed her to concede that the ensuing remedy of results in articulations gave by the EC is not the same as what applicants acquired as caught in the outline of results sheets distributed by the EC. 

However, the Apex Court, managed by Chief Justice Kwasi Anin Yeboah, in a consistent decision excused the offer for interrogatories taking into consideration the meaningful issue to be heard. 

On Wednesday, January 20, the lead counsel for the candidates, Tsatsu Tsikata applied for an examination of the decision. 

Following that, he documented a stay of procedures until after the offer of the examination has been heard. 

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