Life: The Odds and The Evens

It is an undisputable fact that life comprises ups and downs where it is only few that find themselves in the luxuries of the ‘up’ life. However, no matter where you find yourself, consider it a blessing because even the up track of life has it’s pros and cons likewise the down track of life.

I know you are wondering what I’m trying to drive at but don’t start the dance before the call of the drum. You see, I might be unfortunate not to have a “bughati” or “Ferrari ” today . It is even more unfortunate that neither do my parents, friends, nor a member of my family have tricycle to convey me to whatever destination I want to go. Just get braised and let’s drive on. I would proudly love to tell you that even in my state of misfortune of not having a car of my own, it is a blessing to me basically because I am fortunate to always use a public transport system, precisely “Trotro” which equally conveys me to whatever destination I’m going just like my own Ferrari would have done if I were to have one. Why did I say using Trotro as my means of transportation is a fortune? I know your mind is racing to arrive at the answer. Relax! Take a slow stroll with me as we discover the mystery. The Trotro transport system has taught me great lessons which I wish to share and be a blessing unto you.

In life we all have a specific destination we want to arrive at just like the Trotro driver. This driver has to drive and pass through many other stations, drop and pick passengers. Life is not a smooth journey. We have the time and our last stop in mind but you cannot arrive at your destination without passing through diverse stations.

There are times people we think will fill up our cars (Trotro’s) drop off knowingly or unnoticeably. There are times we thought our cars are empty but others come to fill the vacant seats be it strangers or vice versa. We started the journey with many but it is definite we ain’t going to end with them
The Trotro driver knows the right route to his destination but sometimes due to traffics and poor roads, he tends to change his route. Listen, you might have your plan of action, the steps and route to take but a sudden wind of unexpected situations blow off everything into thin air. You don’t have to let that be the end but just like the driver, find an an acceptable alternative of reaching your destination and that of your passengers’ as well. No matter how floody it might be, remain focus and persevere.

Besides, there are times the driver carries heavy loads for passengers and expect a befitting payment but it does not turn out the way he wants it. We help, love, care and do herculean tasks for people. We do them wonderful things and expect reciprocation but they quickly forget what we did; our sacrifices but the amazing thing is that, the driver never forces them nor wait till he is paid; he moves on because his destination is the ultimate food in the mind.

There were moments the driver has to face the wrath, insults and humiliations from the passengers; times he had to quarrel with them but at the end of the day, he still has to hold the steer. It is not everyone that is happy with your persuits. No matter how hard you try to make people happy, they won’t like you if their minds are not tune to liking you. There are people that understand solely at their level of perception so no matter how clothed you are in optimism, trying to explain issues, your best will always be their less. Just like the driver, put on a shock absorber, never live in expectations, never quarrel too much, instead, absorb everything and echoe to yourself ” I need to move on”

You see, life is not about how smooth it is but how you are able to transform the rough to smooth; how you are able to straighten the crooked edges to attain the straight line you so long wished for. If you live your life always turning to look at the purple that made you stumble and fall, you will continue limping and eventually embroidering your life with flimsy excuses. Life will not always be as we wish because if it were to be so, I don’t think there would be social rankings or any rich nor pauper today.

It took the driver a full concentration, attention, vigilance, optimism, focus, peseverance, disregard to all regrets and on top of it all, positivity to survive all rives alongside the journey. Don’t be disappointed when people don’t patronize you anymore. An old door closes for a new one to open. Never hold on to the past and hold no grudges either. Live life and be unexpectant of people because expectations of people brings nothing but disappointments.

Let not the evil of others rid your kindness away. Be kind to everyone irrespective of whom they are to you or what they have done to you for you don’t know how much it might mean to them.

Suffice it to say that, “The mystery of the instability of life creates uncertainties. Today, it may be good. Tomorrow, it’s vice versa but the dominant factor is that, in all we learn from whichever comes our way.” – Ethel Adika.

No matter how long and how deep the potholes are on the trek, let your destination be the ultimate food for the mind.


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