Kumasi residents express profound sadness as Rawlings returns home today

A few residents in Kumasi have communicated profound sadness as the late previous President Jerry John Rawlings was let go at the Military Cemetery today, in Accra.

They said late President Rawlings had completely taken care of his obligations to the advancement of Ghana, and his great heritage would stay in the country’s political history until the end of time.

As per them, previous President Rawlings exhibited magnanimity, honesty and charm during his rule as Head of State which guaranteed that the country’s financial and political development was accomplished.

They told the Ghana News Agency, during spot interviews across certain roads in Kumasi on the last burial service rituals of the principal President of the Fourth Republic that an incredible tree had fallen and Ghana had lost an extraordinary character.

A resigned instructor, Mr Michael Kusi Prempeh, said President Rawlings did all that could be within reach to connect the financial hole between poor people and the rich.

He said the adolescent, who didn’t encounter the time of military principle, ought to value late previous President Rawlings for being the explanation Ghana is getting a charge out of harmony.

He said his demise came to him as a stun when the news broke out.

“Late President Rawlings’ demise was a stun news for me, he was an incredible man who offered more to the country, however his passing has denied the country from profiting by his extraordinary experience,” he said.

Kusi Prempeh said Ghana required individuals of his type to move the popularity based standards of honor and responsibility forward.

A 70-year elderly person, Madam Grace Anima, told the Ghana News Agency that previous President Rawlings was an extraordinary man who she respected such a great amount for his standards on debasement, voracity and childishness with respect to some Ghanaians.

She added that she was disheartened to hear the death of Rawlings.

Madam Anima said Rawlings was a legend in Ghana’s political history since he made ready for the Fourth Republican Constitution of Ghana, with his craving to guarantee fidelity and responsibility in all circles of the socio-political existence of Ghanaians.

She urged the young to imitate the extraordinary and great attributes of Rawlings to assist them with accomplishing incredible greatness in the entirety of their exercises.

She said he was a man who talked truth to the country when he was the President of Ghana.

“Previous President Rawlings was undoubtedly an extraordinary man who drove the country well. I regarded him for how he talked reality when he was the head of the nation, May his soul rest in Peace,โ€ Madam Anima said.

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