UCC: 8 WI-FI Joints On Campus For WI-FI Lovers

Wi-fi for my guys

If you are a WIFI lover like me, you certainly will wish to know all the WIFI joints on campus.

Below are some few areas in UCC where you can get free strong  WIFI connections with the WIFI names in brackets:

1. Institute for Development Studies     


2. Forecourt of the Alumni Hostel         


3. Traffic light close to Zenith bank near Casford field   

(Senior Staff)

4. Department of Religion (G Block)             

(Religion & Human Values)

5. Valco hall summer huts                                             

(UCC WIFI/ Edurom)

6. Shuttle station                                                              

(UCC WIFI/ Edurom)

7. Casford summer hut (near the polytanks)             

(UCC WIFI/Edurom)

8. Calc                                                                                

(UCC WIFI/ Edurom)

Note: 1 to 4 don’t require passwords but 5 to 8 require passwords. Visit your portal if you are a continuing student for the password. All the passwords for number 5 to 8 are the same.

There are other strong WIFI connections on campus that are locked with passwords. You will get informed once I get the passwords.

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