Rawlings Told Me To Be Extremely Careful With These People – Spio Gabrah

Ekow Spio Gabrah, a career diplomat with over 40 years of experience in diplomacy in an interview with the media stated that while working with the late Former President as a Minister of Information, Rawlings advised him to be extremely careful with four kinds of people: liars, cheats, hypocrites and corrupt people.

According to Mr. Ekow he is grateful to God that he has never been part of those types of people he was warned against and he is also grateful he had been loyal to Mr. Rawlings till death parted them.

Mr. Ekow said the piece of advice given to him by the late Former President has been of great help to him in his political career.

Mr. Ekow vowed to adhere continually to the tenets of Probity and Accountability preached by Rawlings.

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