Rawlings Is A Bad Example For Ghanaians – Kabila

Mr. James Kwabena Bomfeh, former Acting General Secretary of the Convention Peoples’ Party has said that Rawlings is not a good example for Ghanaians to model.

Mr. James while speaking to Kwabena Agyapong on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM, said a person who really understands the Ghanaian system of politics does not think Rawlings deserves credit as far as the 4th Republic is concerned.

According to him, Rawlings did not have any other option than to relinquish power.

Mr. Bomfeh said although Rawlings had both positives and negatives, his negatives outweigh his positives.

He said, “In my honest opinion, he had positives and negatives but his negatives were far more than his positives. He showed very bad examples as a former head of state. This is my personal opinion. As I said, he had positives and negatives but in my conclusion, his negatives were more than the positives and so I will conclude that he is not a good inspiration for Ghana.”

According to him, the Probity, Accountability and Social Justice mantra was rhetoric.

Kabila as he is popularly known by Ghanaians further said Rawlings failed the corruption test despite his claims to have fought it.

Kabila stated that although people will have different views of Rawlings, he is not moved by them.

Mr. James Kwabena condemned the overthrow of Limann saying the act sowed a seed of indiscipline in the political history of Ghana and he will never recommend him as an example to any young person.

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