“My dad has been in jail since 1997. He got out and today he brought me…”

The role of a caring father in the nuclear family cannot be underrated. A caring father may not be able to fully express his love for his children but the truth is, the love a caring father has for his child is unquantifiable.

A caring father works under the sun and under the rain just to earn bread for the family.

A young lady by name ‘Fiancee Andrea’ finally got her dream of seeing her father drop her lunch during her days in school accomplished at her workplace.

In a post on her Twitter page, she expresses massive joy over her father who just returned from prison drop her lunch at her workplace.

Her dream was to always see her dad drop her food at school but the finally got accomplished drem at her workplace.

The father according to her, has been in the prison since 1997.

“…my dad been in jail since 97’. He got out and today, he dropped me off some lunch at work,” she writes.

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