Thieves ambush a van and shoots policeman

Thieves ambush a van and shoots policeman

A policeman named Las Corporal Baba was in a van that carried money from one bank to the other. As they were on their way going, some thieves ambushed them, shot the police and took the huge amount of money in the car which is 500,000 Ghana cedis. The driver and the other person ran away when they saw the thieves.

We don’t know how those rascals were able to see that, that particular car carried such huge sums of money and so ambushed them. We are yet to find out.

With this, some people are saying that it was plotted by someone who really knows them and has tried to deal badly with them. Others too are saying that maybe the thieves saw them from away when they were sending the money from the bank and were heading towards another bank. A whole lots of views has been given concerning the case.

Investigations are still ongoing to find the whereabouts of the thieves and find out what exactly triggered them to involve in such bad acts.

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