Reduction in NPP parliamentary seats shows Akufo-Addo could have done better in his first – Wereko-Brobbey

Senior Member of the New Patriotic Party, Dr Charles Wereko-Brobbey, has expressed that the quantity of parliamentary seats lost by the party in the December 2020 general decisions is obvious that the Akufo-Addo-drove government failed to meet expectations to the assumptions for Ghanaians.

As per him, the improvement shows that the NPP government might have performed better in its initial four-year term.

“Given particularly the turnout of Parliament. The first occasion when we have had basically a draped parliament in the Fourth Republic. Thus when you move from a place of 169 seats and have equivalent to the resistance of 137 every, I can’t call this a decent exhibition,” he expressed in a Joynews.

Positioning the party’s exhibition over the most recent four years, the previous VALCO manager said the president and his administration performed marginally less than ideal.

Clarifying this, he said the public authority at a guide paid hard of hearing ears toward reactions that were passed on certain arrangements it executed.

He refered to the lead Free Senior High School strategy saying, “the free SHS gave an extremely large preferred position and a head start since it was one approach that contacted about each home in this country, yet its execution had a specific trouble which I accept the public authority was not set up to tune in to on the grounds that he considered each to be as attempting to crash the arrangement.

“Also, some of them (pundits) were real and numerous individuals from the implementers to try and guardians got somewhat disturbed about some of it and you can see the extremely brisk and prepared throwing out of twofold track should reveal to you that was something numerous individuals were not content with and griped about yet it was protected as the best thing,” he added.

In his view, the edge of triumph made sure about by the president in the political race shows he didn’t do exceptionally well in his initial term.

“We should take a gander at the official bit of leeway in 2016, his edge of triumph more than 500,00 and 2016 was just about 1 million, lessening numbers can’t be decided as an improvement in execution,” he said.

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