Kwesi Pratt Comments On The ‘Recklessness’ Of Ghanaian Leaders

Veteran journalist, Mr. Kwesi  Pratt Junior has sadly commented on the intensification of coronavirus infections in the country linking it to the recklessness of our leaders.

According to him, Ghanaian leaders have failed Ghanaians in the fight against the pandemic hence he finds it difficult to imagine the kind of leaders the country has.

Kwesi Pratt while speaking on the Pan African TV’s ‘Alhaj and Alhaj’ political show on Saturday, January 23, 2021, said this is the time Ghanaian leaders collectively have to put in measures to tackle the growing cases of the virus in the country.

Mr. Pratt said it is impossible to import the virus considering the strict measures put in place at the airport.

“We were assured that measures have been put in place to ensure people coming into the country are tested before they enter and yet you are telling us the new cases are people coming from outside.

This simply does not make sense. The cases are very alarming. The cases were going up then they tell us political parties can hold their primaries. These are marks of leaders whose main concentration is having political power and that should take over everything in this country. I feel sick that we have such leaders in Ghana,” the veteran journalist said.

Mr. Pratt commented on the resumption of schools saying it was not right for the government to resume school and advised parents not to allow their children to go to school.

“I’m just troubled everywhere. In the midst of these rising cases, our leaders are sensible enough to reopen schools. For me, I will advise all parents not to send their kids to school. I will rather have an illiterate grandson than have a dead grandson.

This is another mark of the recklessness that we are having in this country,” he said.

Do you agree with Mr. Pratt that our leaders have contributed to the recent cases of coronavirus infections?

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