5 Barcelona players that demonstrated genius is simplicity

Football genius Johan Cruyff once stated: “Playing football is straightforward. Playing straightforward football is the hardest things there is.”

As the dad of Barcelona’s personality, this is the attitude Cruyff attempted to actualize at the club. Today we investigate the players that have consistently attempted to keep it straightforward, and in doing that, set up themselves as the best parts in their positions.


In the event that there is one player that can be named as the encapsulation of the tiki-taka style, it must be Xavi. Get the ball, pass the ball β€” this is everything he did on the pitch, yet the passing alternatives he picked we generally the most ideal out there.

Xavi was never about extravagant stunts, however his spilling was perfect since he realized when to take on the rival and when to pass the ball. He wasn’t genuinely talented, yet he had the option to win the ball because of his unparalleled capacity to peruse the game.

Jordi Alba

Contingent upon if you like him, you could consider Jordi a one-stunt horse or you could consider him a-list left-back that consummately comprehends his qualities and shortcomings.

Many state that Alba is just about cutting the ball inside so Leo Messi could put it home. Yet, on the off chance that that was valid, for what reason didn’t left-backs like Lucas Digne or Junior Firpo figure out how to seat him? That is on the grounds that the 31-year-old’s down is straightforward at the same time, a large portion of the occasions, profoundly powerful.


The La Masia winger was a particularly adjusted player that the majority of the fans can’t actually tell which foot is his powerless one. Pedro was extraordinary at extending the adversary’s safeguard by remaining nearby to the touchline and he would make the ideal in the free zones gave up.

The Spaniard didn’t take shots at the goal each time he found the opportunity to yet he would pick the ideal second for it, bringing about him having a staggering transformation rate.

Carles Puyol

The amazing chief is among the least actually gifted focus backs we’ve had at the club over the most recent 20 years, however it was never an issue for him. Puyol was a monster noticeable all around and on the ground, his handles were ideal a large portion of the occasions, and you would barely see him lose his player during a set-piece.

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