When the dawn of Afrika crows, Many thoughts flow to flood our minds. We rise under this dew, sneeze the breeze and wander! The wings of the north and the wings of the south look hazy! Vast the lands but cry to be healed from the disease of barrenness, We seek to sow but we weep as we reap. We crouch under scary nights, for our stars in the nights no more squeeze us light. We crawl under tingling suns, for our trees no more shelter us shade. We force to sip the sea waters, for our rivers no more lay pristine.  Afrika is the eagle with wings which can fly, fly high the heights But our Own have hunt this eagle into a cage where they alone can enjoy the heights in their universe. Afrika is built on a rocky land which could stand strongly in the test of time But our Own pick up their pick axes, dig the rocks that lay. Afrika is made with hands which can create and bake  But our Own smite these hands numb—  It’s time we,Afrika realize that the stars created must always shine in every compound. It’s time we, Afrika realize that darkness requires light to smile away terrors. It’s time we, Afrika realize that our eyes are not to brew tears but to see joy.  Let the left side of Afrika taste the light which shines at the right side of the tunnel. We;Afrika! 

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