I snatched ballot papers to cause a rerun – Carlos Ahenkorah justifies

Shameful and as of late denounced Member of Parliament for Tema West, Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah, has indeed given avocation for which he grabbed some voting form papers on the morning of January 7, 2021, during the appointment of a Speaker of Parliament.

The MP, who was found in a viral video accepted to host been caught during a gathering he coordinated for his constituents, as they, clarified that he did what he did trying to make the House have a rerun of the races.

He clarified that his associates from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) had occupied with rowdy practices, prompting a rerun of the democratic cycle a few times.

He added that in his endeavor to likewise send the cycle in another rerun, after he saw that their contender for the Speaker position, Prof Mike Ocquaye had accumulated 136 votes, he figured it is amazing to grab the papers from whoever was checking them.

“We were sure that we had just won since we realized we had 138 votes in the House. I was asking that our votes would be tallied first and afterward when they did, we saw that we just got 136 votes.

“I understood quickly that this was bad for us since it became obvious that the NDC understood what they were about – they had plotted for certain individuals from our side to double-cross us,” he clarified.

He clarified that it was now that he chose to do what he did. He followed it up by asking the individuals accumulated there on the off chance that he did anything incorrectly, to which they reacted “no.”

Many have denounced the activities of the MP, including individuals from his gathering, portraying it as inadmissible.

Speaker Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin portrayed it as “disgusting,” guaranteeing that it won’t rehash itself, at any rate not under his standard.

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