5 Photos Of The Shiniest And Sexiest Sakora In UCC

Philip Quasi popularly known as King Promise in the University of Cape Coast is a level 200 Industrial Chemistry student blessed with the shiniest and sexiest sakora on Campus. Philip has adopted the name of a popular Ghanaian musician whose sakora is also admired by many in the music industry.

King Promise who is an affiliate of Casely Hayford Hall has got the most talked-about haircut on campus and that has contributed swiftly to his rise to fame on campus.

Philip’s sakora is very shiny especially when pomade is being smeared on it.

Besides the fact that King Promise is a handsome guy fair in complexion, he is also admired by both gentlemen and ladies in UCC Β because of the niceness and brightness of his sakora so much so that it attracts everyone’s attention.

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