8 Amazing Places You Should Consider Visiting In Cape Coast

With several tourist sites like the 17th-century slave castles standing out, the beaches, the fine restaurants, and naturally infused destinations, you cannot travel to Ghana and not go to Cape Coast. If your exploration is just centered on Accra, the capital city, you’re really missing out so much. If you are a tourist touring Cape Coast or fortunate to be residing and schooling in Cape Coast, there are many important places that you should consider visiting during your stay in the town. Here are some of these places;

University of Cape Coast (UCC)

If you visit Cape Coast as a tourist or a student schooling in Cape Coast, deem it a responsibility upon you to at least visit UCC once. How can you be in Cape Coast without knowing the pride of the coast? UCC is Cape Coast and Cape Coast is UCC.

Cape Coast Castle

Cape Coast Castle is a trading post on the West African coast in the modern nation of Ghana that stands only a few miles from another slave castle in Elmina built in the 15th century by the Portuguese. It is one of about 40 slave castles or commercial ports built on the Gold Coast by European traders.

Elmina Castle

It is the oldest European structure built in sub-Saharan Africa. It is historically important as it is the oldest European construction in the Gulf of Guinea and the oldest castle in sub-Saharan Africa.

Kakum National Park

The Kakum National Park is one of the famous national parks in Ghana made up of undisturbed natural rainforest. It is a home for nature lovers. Trained guides are on hand to explain the economic, cultural, and medicinal importance of various products in the forest.

Cape Caost fishing hub – Abrofo Po Ano

This is the beach in front of the door of no return behind the Cape Coast castle. This beach now serves as the second arrival point for fishermen when they go fishing. Meanwhile, it was initially considered as a secluded beach only for the whites in the colonial period.

London Bridge

The London Bridge was built in 1905 by the British.

The bridge served as a bond of good friendship between the British embassy and the people residing in and around the area to the extent that each year, the embassy and the residents contributed towards its beautification.

Cape Coast Sports Stadium

Cape Coast Sports Stadium is a stadium located in Cape Coast, Central Region near the SRC hall in the UCC. It holds 20,000 people and it is the home stadium of Ebusa Dwarfs.

Lemon Beach Resort

There are many other tourist sites you can visit in the Central region apart from the above-mentioned areas.

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