Are Political Parties Worth Dying For?

Carlos Ahenkorah, Member of Parliament for Tema West was involved in ballot papers snatching on the dawn of Thursday, January 7, 2021, in the House of Parliament during the Speakership race between Prof. Mike Oquaye of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and Alban Bagbin of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The Tema West MP who snatched the ballot papers and took to his heels was ‘arrested’ by Muntaka Mubarak and other Members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Carlos did not only suffer beatings in the hands of the NDC MPs but did not succeed in executing the motive behind the snatching of the papers. Carlos, most certainly suffered embarrassment as his action became a topical subject with lots of people chastising it calling on the leadership of Parliament to sanction him in order to ensure Justice in the Ghanaian democratic setting.

An example of Mr. Ahenkorah’s action in football history is Suarez of Uruguay risking himself to save Uruguay by using his hand in a WorldCup match between Ghana and Uruguay to prevent a ball from entering their net which would have been a big blow to them. Although Suarez succeeded in preventing the goal hence pushing Uruguay to the next level, he was penalized with a red card but that did not matter. At least, he made his country proud and he was glorified for his unlawful act.

But Mr. Ahonkorah’s action is quite different. Though he claimed to have done what he did for his love for NPP, his colleagues in the party from indications are not in support of his conduct. Carlos Ahenkorah looks defenseless as he goes through vilification nationally and internationally.

Carlos Ahenkorah in an attempt to vindicate what is constitutionally unpardonable said the ballot papers were snatched to protect the interest of Nana Addo and the NPP.

In a release, he said the pains and the embarrassment he was being subjected to by Muntaka and his colleagues were a sacrifice for the prosperity of the NPP and its grassroots.

“I did it for the grassroots who relied on us in power to survive, the President who need some peace to run the country and the great NPP party as a whole because we cannot always allow the NDC to threaten and vilify us,” he said.

It is obvious Mr. Ahenkorah’s love for his party is unquantifiable as he put it “the NPP in me couldn’t be controlled. I apologize but I tried.”

The most hilarious and ironic aspect of everything is that while Carlos may feel proud of his move, some ardent members of the party which he jeopardized his integrity for, express views contrary to his.

He has been left alone and defenseless to suffer the mortification which he has subjected himself to.

John Boadu, the NPP General Secretary on Okay FM in Accra condemned Ahenkorah’s step saying, “what happened isn’t something we should entertain. We should stop talking about it.”

When the General Secretary of the NDC, Asiedu Nketia accused the leader of the NPP caucus in Parliament of masterminding or influencing Ahenkorah’s action, Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu debunked the allegation on-air thereby disassociating himself from the condemnable act by Carlos Ahenkorah.

In a viral video, Kyei Mensah was seen having a short discourse with Carlos who swiftly proceeded to snatch the ballot sheets right after his discourse with him. This led to accusing Kyei Mensah and he had to come out to prove his innocence and disassociated himself from the act.

In fact, the Suame MP said, “I asked Hon. Carlos Ahenkorah to stay away from me and stop saying those things so I’m surprised for anybody to think that I’m the one who goaded him to engage in what he did. It is only a sick mind who will think like that.”

Alex Afenyo-Markin, the Deputy Leader of the NPP caucus in Parliament also stated on Citi TV that leadership will meet over Ahenkorah’s conduct and also declared Kyei Mensah innocent of the charges.

“From where I stood in Parliament on that day, I could not have seen anything like that. In any event, it would be wrong for anyone to attempt accusing Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu of any form of involvement and that is sanctioning anyone’s conduct. He is a member of our party, a member of our caucus, and I am sure leadership will have an engagement with him and when we meet in the chamber, what ought to be said will be said,” he said.

The fact that the leadership of the NPP is attacking Ahenkorah’s act signifies that the party does not endorse it. This necessisates the questions:

Has Hon. Carlos Ahenkorah been betrayed?

Are political parties worth dying for?

Was Carlos hailed like Suarez of Uruguay?

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